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HIT. by Shanon Weaver Returns to Austin, May 2-18!

HIT. is a noir-crime family drama focused on the bonds between three hit men in a unique family unit.

Contract killers Ervin and Wyatt rescue a young boy—Asher—from an abusive foster family. In Asher, the partners in crime see the heart of a killer, and decide to raise him together in their own image. Several years later, Asher strikes out on a solo career, Ervin meets an untimely end on the job, and Wyatt finds himself alone in the world. On a night that will determine their destinies, Asher and Wyatt separately accept a job to kill the same man at the same place on the same night—but the target doesn’t show. As they piece together the situation, which could have dire consequences for them both, Asher and Wyatt recall the events of their lives that led them to this moment. Issues of loyalty, responsibility, violence, and alternative-family fatherhood take center stage in this award winning script.

Melissa Livingston-Weaver returns to direct Tom Green (B. Iden Payne Award Nominee 2011— Best Actor, Paradise Key) as Wyatt, Garry Peters (B.I.P Award 2010—Featured Actor, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) as Ervin, playwright Shanon Weaver as Asher, and Gary Livingston-Weaver (the son of the chick & the dude!) in his debut as Teen Asher.

HIT. garnered three B. Iden Payne Awards for the 2002/2003 season, including Outstanding Director of a Drama (Melissa Livingston-Weaver,) Outstanding Cast Performance (Shanon Weaver, Ken Bradley, Joel Citty,) and Outstanding Original Script (Weaver.) In 2005, the show was produced as part of the prestigious New York International Fringe Festival where it was honored with an Overall Excellence Award—Cast Performance.

Praise for HIT.:

“... Melissa Livingston has done a fine job of creating tight and crisp scenes, and the dialogue crackles...There is very little empty space between cues and given the Mamet-esque dialogue, that's how it should be...the ending is a surprise that you don't see coming… more than worth your while to attend.” —Alyssa Simon, NYTheatre.com

“…Hit. hits the mark… the writing is smart and tight; the dialogue in several scenes is so much fun that it garners applause. Director Melissa Livingston shines as well, creating a great deal of suspense with a very spare set...a terrific and memorable production.” —New York Times Free-lancer Hy Bender

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